Afel Inc.


AFEL Company's Vision & Business Philosophy

  • Quality Business

    · Establishment of ISO 9001 quality management system
    · Establishment of process management system
  • Knowledge Business

    · Optimizing the field by combining practical experience and knowledge management theory
    · Cultivating creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Forster talents

    · Establishment of human resources culture based on ability and performance(compensation/fostering)
    · Efficient operation of human resources through career development (evaluation/promotion)
  • Value Business

    · Using eco-friendly materials for humans and the environment
    · Growing into a domestic company where people want to work in
  • Ethical Business

    · Compliance with domestic and foreign laws and practice of rational and transparent management
    · Aiming to become the best talented company with fair opportunity of self-actualization and safe, pleasant working environment