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TPE film (Somomer E)

  • TPE film (Somomer E)
  • TPO film (SonoMax D)
TPE/TPO film

TPE film (Somomer E) Modified TPE film

  • features

    · High clear
    · Exceptional cold resistance
    · Good oil & solvent resistance
  • applications

    · Flexible TPE membrane
    · Industrial film
    · Specialty packaging film
TPE/TPO film

TPO film (SonoMax D) Dicing film

  • features

    · Good mechanical property
    · Good wetting for adhesive coating
    · Good UV cure processing
    · Low burr and excellent sawing
    · Optimized elongation and modulus
  • applications

    · Back grinding tape
    · Dicing tape
    · Die Attaching Film(DAF)