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Advanced Surface Defect Inspection System


Retention facilities

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    Clean factory

    Introducing thermo-hygrostat system with AHU(Air Handling Unit) and ACU(Air Control Unit),
    we control an optimal temperature and humidity in the factory.
    - Provides a pleasant environment for workers and production line
    - Provides an optimized environment for the quality of film and facilities
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    Surface defect inspection system

    Surface defect inspection system identifies various defects that can occur during the film extrusion process.
    It detects and classifies defects such as gels, contamination, scratches and holes.
    - Inspection results are documented and analyzed as problem-solving data base.
    - The system is designed to inspect transparent and opaque film.
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    In-line thickness gauge

    Film thickness is a critical as it has a direct effect on mechanical properties including tensile strength,
    impact resistance and other characteristics.
    - AFEL’s non-contact film thickness gauging solutions will give the measurement performance
    while providing precise feedback in real-time and improve product quality.